On 5-6 May the Democratic Education Network (DEN) delivered the first International Students Conference, titled ‘The End of Global?’.

Over thirty speakers from countries including Vietnam, Canada, Spain, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom attended the multi-disciplinary event covering subjects from Politics, International Relations and Development Studies to Economics, Law and Geography.

The conference was organised by DEN with the help of  current undergraduate and postgraduate students and was hosted by the Department of Politics and International Relations led by Dr Farhang Morady, Andrea Montalvo and Greg Aasen. 

Some of the events were broadcast live by Inside Westminster, a student-run blog exploring and deciphering the intricacies of global issues – another DEN project - for those who could not attend the conference in person.

On 6 May the Silent Oppressions project, an art project focused on promoting awareness of the seemingly invisible issue of microsexism exhibited their work for the second time at the University.

Speaking about the conference, Bekeowei Okoro, a Politics and International Relations student at the University of Westminster, said: “’The End of the Global’ brought academics from several countries and the undergraduate and postgraduate levels together to examine the current global crisis and the future of the international system. It was student led in every way, from organising and chairing the panel discussions, to contributing papers.”

Gabriele M Piazza, a Westminster alumnus, said: “It was great to be back at Westminster for ‘the End of Global’ conference. Speakers delved into the challenges that globalisation brings from so many diverse angles.

“The panels were of such high quality and so were the discussions. Students have done a fantastic job at organising it. Being an alumnus, it was amazing to see students so engaged and learning about the different projects they are involved in. I am looking forward to next year’s conference.”

Manzura Jumaniyaz, a BA Economics student at Westminster International University in Tashkent, said: “It was a truly international conference which united many students from different parts of the world, it has potential to become a great pool for exchange of completely different and at the same time valuable ideas!

“Having participants from Canada, Vietnam United Kingdom and Uzbekistan made it even more interesting and attention grabbing. It was amazing for to get to know about students, their ideas, their research which enabled all of us to explore the countries of our origin and far more. Huge gratitude to all organisers and we do hope that this project will continue in years to come!"

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