Prominent figures in Journalism, US History and Foreign Policy, were invited to share their views on the forthcoming US Elections at a special event at the Regent Campus on Thursday 3 November.

The event was a collaboration between the University of Westminster and My Life My Say (MLMS), a national youth-led movement working to evolve relationships between young people and decision-makers. The panel discussion aimed to answer questions posed by the controversial elections and to provide critical analysis on the presidential candidates’ proposed policies.

Speakers in the event included:

  • Beth Gardiner, Freelance journalist writing for the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the Guardian
  • Professor Jonathan Bell, Director of UCL's Institute of the Americas and teacher of US history at University College London
  • Dr Jacob Parakilas,  Assistant Head of the US and the Americas Programme at Chatham House
Panellists in Fyvie Hall for The US Election debate
Panellists discuss the US Presidential Election in Fyvie Hall at the University of Westminster's Regent Campus

All speakers were supportive of the first female candidate for US Presidency, Hillary Clinton, uniting around the view that she is ‘a normal candidate’ in the most bizarre presidential race to date.

Beth Gardiner said: “The sheer volume of shocking statements made by Trump, would, in a normal race completely disqualify him.”

Professor Jonathan Bell reflected on previous elections that have taken place in the United States and explained how Donald Trump’s promise to ‘Make America Great Again’ came about.

The audience came up with interesting questions regarding the topic. They asked whether the results are likely to change after the FBI Revelations of Clinton’s private e-mail server, Dr Jacob Parakilas responded, saying that no disturbing content wasfound in her correspondence.

“The media are just pressured trying to keep up with all ridiculous things that Trump says. Stories about leaked e-mails are just an attempt to strike a balance of information about both candidates.” Beth Gardiner added.

A post-election event, called Reflections on the 2016 US Presidential Elections will take place on 17 November at Regent Street Campus.

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