The University of Westminster helped the BBC develop the news app, Which Sport Are You Made For? Take Our 60 Second Test, which received the Best News Data App of the Year Award at the Global Editors Network Awards 2015 ceremony, held in Barcelona on 18 June 2015.

The app was developed at the time of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow by the BBC News Visual Journalism team to increase public participation in sport. It is a quiz in which individuals rate themselves against 13 attributes, which are key to determining a person’s ability to do well in a selection of 26 Commonwealth Games sports, as shown by sports scientists at Loughborough University. Based on these ratings, the app suggests to individuals the three sports which best match their ability, and the three sports which match it least.

To validate the underlying methodology used in the app, the BBC team contacted analytics experts Philip Worrall and Thierry Chaussalet at the University of Westminster, whose contributions ensured that the app made the best and most consistent sports recommendations. The app has now been used by millions of people worldwide, as well as live on air by the BBC Breakfast TV news programme and BBC Radio 5 Live.

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