On Monday 17 September, Aramark at the University was the first caterer to achieve the GKS in London, demonstrating its commitment to achieving high sustainability standards and good environmental practice at Westminster. 

The Green Kitchen Standard is a collaborative accreditation from the Carbon Trust and Soil Association that challenges caterers to sustainably manage their food, water and energy. Following an assessment which reviews the kitchen’s energy use, water consumption and waste generation, Aramark and the University have also trained staff, monitored energy/waste and set targets to support its commitment to reducing energy and source quality and sustainable ingredients.

Vivienne Shinner, Aramark Director of Operations, said: “I am delighted that we have achieved the Green Kitchen Standard at the University of Westminster. We believe in these principles and hope this is part of our journey to greater sustainability and corporate responsibility.”

The University recognises that, as an institution, we have a responsibility to show the steps we are taking to minimise our environmental impact. The Green Kitchen Standard shows both students and staff that the University is committed to a greener future for all, setting an example for others to follow.

The award follows the achievement of the Ecocampus Gold Award, an externally verified environmental management scheme for the higher education sector achieved by the University in June, and the removal of all plastic straws and cutlery from all catering outlets, cafes, shops, and bars across all campuses. 


Katherine Bojczuk, Sustainability Manager at the University of Westminster, said: “The University’s Sustainability Team works closely with Aramark to promote environmental awareness and sustainable actions across all of our campuses. It is great that we are being recognised for all of this work with the Green Kitchen Standard. We are always looking for opportunities to improve our environmental performance, and we are now ensuring that our energy, water and waste production are all reduced through our catering sites.”

The Green Kitchen Standard was launched in May 2017 and requires caterers to engage with multiple sustainability issues that arise in food service – from broader policies through to day-to-day kitchen management. It provides a framework for action, taking positive steps to engage with customers, train staff, monitor resources, implement best practice and achieve continuous improvements.

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