Showcasing their entrepreneurial spirit, over 50 University of Westminster delegates and volunteers attended the National Association of College and University Entrepreneurs (NACUE) Student Enterprise Conference 2016. The Westminster delegation was the largest among the 600 students, educators and entrepreneurs from across the UK.

The conference taking place at University College London (UCL) on 20-21 February placed great importance on supporting the professional development of attendees, building a range of skills necessary for entrepreneurship including confidence, networking, drive, developing ideas, pitching to experts, and understanding failure. The event, delivered by NACUE in partnership with My-Way, was bursting with inspirational talks, informative workshops, and speakers including the founder of games company Pixel Blimp Isaac Howie Brewerton, Emerging Developer Audience Lead at Microsoft Andrew Webber and founder of Una Doyle. 

Students had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of inspiring entrepreneurs, from the established Peter Briffett, COO of mobile events app YPlan to Harvey Morton, an 18-year-old IT entrepreneur. Delegates also had the chance to learn new practical skills and knowledge. They learnt how to develop their online presence with Google Garage, to master networking with Dwain Reid and took part in a two-hour workshop with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), transforming ideas into viable businesses. Students were also able to explore the opportunities available to them in Europe, with talks on EU funding, Erasmus for entrepreneurs and taking a business global.

Speaking about attending the conference, University of Westminster student Dennis Georgian Lucan said: "You can tell that you are in the right place when you find yourself surrounded by passionate people sharing the same views as you. For me, the NACUE Student Enterprise Conference represented a vibrant experience from which I had so much to learn. I had the pleasure to meet a considerable number of Westminster students there and also worked with new people and created the base for possible future partnerships." 

The University of Westminster's very own Dr Daphne Economou, Senior lecturer and Course Leader for the Multimedia Computing BSc Honours course, also appeared on one of the panels, inspiring students to grab all the opportunities that come their way. Speaking on the Women in Tech Panel, Dr Economou discussed ways of encouraging more women into entrepreneurship and STEM, including creating lots of smaller steps that motivate people along their journey. She also explained that working hard and finding what you are best at is the most important key to success.

NACUE, in partnership with the University of Westminster, MY-Way, Capital Enterprise, Microsoft, and UCL, work to support students’ academic studies providing them with opportunities for development – whether that be starting their own businesses, joining a small enterprise, or being more entrepreneurial within a larger organisation.

The University of Westminster is a vibrant learning environment with a vision to foster innovation and creativity, and places as much emphasis on gaining skills relevant to the workplace as on learning the academic discipline that students are studying.

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