The University of Westminster Debating Society will be hosting an inter-varsity debating event at the University’s Marylebone campus on 11–12 July to encourage open debate among students from a number of universities.

The inter-varsity event will aim to give a platform for debaters to show off their talents in critical and analytical thinking and enhance their confidence. The debate topics will fall into categories of international relations, economy, political policies and social movements such as feminism.

With at least 140 students expected to attend the two-day debating event, the Debating Society’s inter-varsity debating weekend is set to be a great success.

Teams from other universities taking part in the debating event will include students from Inner Temple, Queen Mary, Durham, Newcastle, Birmingham, as well as an international team.

“The primary aim of hosting the event is to get Westminster recognised in the debating circuit. As we debate frequently we feel that getting ourselves known is incredibly important,” said the University’s Debating Society.

All six members of the Debating Society committee, including president Blake Frost, are first year students. The Debating Society’s previous president, Jim Hirschman, is now president of the University of Westminster Student Union (UWSU).

“We are all really excited, as we are first year students trying to make our mark as early as possible,” said the Debating Society committee.

The University of Westminster Debating Society is a platform for open debate and a forum to practise public speaking in a friendly and welcoming environment. The society is open to all students at the University of Westminster.

For more information on how to get involved with the University of Westminster Debating Society, contact the Society at [email protected].

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