Westminster is one of the fourteen ‘Champion’ Universities across the United Kingdom to commit to the StandAlone pledge and support students who are estranged from their families.

Vice-Chancellor Geoffrey Petts wrote a public letter of commitment to the pledge which allows the University to work towards creating the right environment and conditions for estranged students to stay resilient and thrive in their studies.

Financial, housing and wellbeing support will be provided to University of Westminster’s students who are identified as estranged. The University’s Outreach team will ensure that the assistance available is communicated to students.

Bursaries worth £1000 and renewable for each academic year, targeted scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate study will cover the financial side of the pledge as well as year-round accommodation in University halls of residence and deposit waivers will be available to students in need. Professional counselling, wellbeing and pastoral support offered by members of staff will also be provided as part of the pledge.

University of Westminster is proud to provide education for all, irrespective of background and circumstances. We are striving to support students with individual needs in making the journey into higher education and achieving excellence.

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