University of Westminster’s Museum and Galleries studies team has teamed up with Tate Modern and the University of London’s Centre for the Study of the Senses in the Institute of Philosophy to bring a one of a kind four-day series of events titled Tasty and Smelly, opening on 27 April to the students and 29 April to the public at Tate Exchange.

The series of workshops will focus on how smells and tastes connect with sensations of art and our memories and associations. It will be led by international students in London and explore how individuality and cultural backgrounds link to personal sensual preferences.

Principal Research Fellow Peter Ride said: "We are thrilled to be collaborating with Tate Exchange on Tasty and Smelly because it gives our students an unrivalled opportunity to discover what it is like to design and deliver a public event in one of the world’s most important contemporary art museums. To make a project happen at Tate Modern will be great for their CVs and for their self-confidence as young professionals starting out in life.

"It also means that the students get to collaborate across the university because the event has been put together by our students on the Museums Galleries Contemporary Culture and Art and Visual Culture MA but they have also been working with students studying illustration and music production from the Westminster School of Media, Arts and Design so there is a fantastic level of engagement and exchange.

On top of that a large number of graduates from the course are taking part so the current students are working alongside graduates who are now working in the arts sector. Together they are all learning to work in teams and pool their skills."

University of Westminster’s Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture MA focuses on teaching through partnerships with leading organisations such as Tate and Museum of London so that students learn from curators and professionals how museums and galleries are facing the challenges of the 21st century.”

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