Working with the University of Westminster, alumna Pamela Mayorcas, Fellow of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI), has recently set up a new Award for Postgraduate Research in Scientific and Technical Translation at the University’s Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The Award will promote scientific and/or technical translation into English, and is open to full-time and second-year part-time students studying towards the Specialised Translation MA and the Translation and Interpreting MA courses with English as a target language. It will support either research as part of the MA thesis or field work required to deepen the student’s knowledge of scientific and/or technical areas of expertise and/or terminology as part of the MA Translation Project.

Students will be required to submit their travel plans or any other activity that would support the MA Thesis or the MA Translation Project. This can include visiting government departments, UK-based or overseas NGOs, industrial installations, specialist libraries or research establishments, attending specialist conferences, subscribing to a specialist scientific or technical publication (paper or online) or researching technical and scientific vocabulary, terms of art of the idiolect of the scientific and technical community.

The Award will consist of a financial contribution to be granted annually, and a certificate, for the best applicant as selected by the selection panel. The first award will be presented in 2017.

Alexa Alfer, Course Leader, said: “I am deeply grateful to Pamela for generously supporting our proud tradition of translator training. The award presents an exciting opportunity for our postgraduate students to substantially advance their work in technical and specialised translation, a field which Pamela, during her long and distinguished career has done so much to promote.”

Talking about the award, Pamela Mayorcas said: “I really am delighted to be able to work with the University of Westminster, my alma mater, who have helped me set up this award. I am also delighted to be able to support future generations of scientific and technical translators and hope that this award can help the successful applicant to pursue their research and to gain a comprehensive understanding of the background to their chosen area of specialisation.”

Chris Smith, Director of Development and Alumni Relations, said: “Support from our alumni helps our diverse body of students, including those with limited access to life-changing opportunities due to financial constraints, by continuing a proud tradition of developing inspired globally-engaged citizens ready to make a difference. We are delighted to receive such generous support from our global alumni community, which consists of more than 150,000 alumni in over 180 countries around the world.”

Learn more about the Specialised Translation MA and the Translation and Interpreting MA courses.

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