A symposium hosted by the Centre for Urban Infrastructure discussed the latest research on cities in the UK, China and elsewhere to understand what it tells us about achieving sustainability in urban areas, and how this links to the wellbeing of individuals and communities.

The symposium took place at the University of Westminster on 20-22 April as part of our ongoing collaboration with Chinese scholars from Tongji University (Shanghai) and Peking University (Beijing).

Among the issues covered by our Chinese guests and Westminster researchers were:

  • the social and wellbeing benefits of urban infrastructure development
  • the use of new forms of data for analysing functional urban zones and improving planning
  • the design of liveable cities through a focus on children
  • the role of festivals in promoting wellbeing and sustainability

Professor Simon Joss presented his latest co-authored publication Eco-city Development in China: Addressing the Policy Implementation Challenge, which sheds light on the gap between ambitious eco-city policy programmes and the reality of local development.

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