Get an accredited qualification from top graduate employers and help others by teaching secondary school pupils!

Deadline for applications: 11:59pm on Sunday 8 December.

Team Up - an organisation focused on transforming the prospects of young people at school and university - is looking for our brightest students to join their Rising Leaders programme and help them to tackle educational disadvantage.

As a Rising Leader you'll tutor a small group of local secondary school pupils in either GCSE English or Maths, giving an hour and a half of your time each week towards improving their grades and inspiring their minds!

In addition, as part of this programme you'll gain a nationally-recognised leadership development qualification alongside your degree. This accredited qualification - run in collaboration with top graduate employers such as PwC, Norton Rose and Barclays - consists of rigorous training in five professional competencies, including leadership, project management and communication.

To join the programme you'll need to be available to teach at one of the following locations:

School: Harris Academy, Bermondsey

  • Subjects: GCSE English or Maths
  • Tuition days: You must be available on either Monday or Tuesday afternoons - tuition sessions will be weekly between 3:05pm - 4:35pm

School: Preston Manor, Wembley

  • Subjects: GCSE/pre-GCSE English or Maths
  • Tuition days: You must be available on either Monday or Wednesday afternoons - tuition sessions be weekly between 3:30pm - 5pm (TBC)

If you think you have what it takes to become a Rising Leader and want to receive the training and the tools to inspire a new generation of leaders, find out more about the programme at

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