Westminster Law School are very sad to hear about the untimely death of Mike Redmayne, Professor of Law at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Mike had been teaching at LSE since 1999 and was awarded the department’s teaching prize in 2008. He was the author of two monographs – Expert Evidence and Criminal Justice, and Character in the Criminal Trial – wrote numerous articles in academic journals and co-authored one of the leading textbooks on English criminal procedure, The Criminal Process. Mike has died at the age of 47.

During his career, Mike taught several of the staff at Westminster Law School, including Lisa Webley, Professor of Empirical Legal Studies, and Dr Stephanie Roberts, Senior Lecturer in Law. Stephanie also taught with Mike for six years at LSE and worked with him when he was an external examiner for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure and Evidence LLB modules.

Stephanie says: "I was very grateful for Mike’s expert eye for detail and extensive knowledge of the subject matter. He was also kind enough to write references for research bids Steve Greenfield, Guy Osborn and I submitted."

"Mike was one of my PhD examiners, where his expert eye for detail and extensive knowledge were a more terrifying prospect. He was a very polite and softly spoken man, which made his 'bad cop' role in my viva quite comical – it still makes me smile to think of it. His fairness and support throughout that process made a huge difference to my experience and ultimately to me being awarded the PhD.

"Mike’s legacy will be as a first-rate scholar of criminal evidence and procedure (his book on character evidence was published only a couple of months ago) but he will also be remembered as a kind and decent man. He will be much missed."

Read more about Mike Redmayne and tributes paid to him on the LSE website.

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