Free yoga classes and a body composition analysis will be offered as part of a University of Westminster research project exploring the effects of yoga on the quality of life and blood pressure of those who do not treat their body to regular exercise.

Men and women aged 34-60 years are invited to take part in regular yoga classes twice a week for the duration of six weeks. A body composition analysis and a finger prick test will also be carried out before and after the yoga class in the laboratory at Cavendish Campus. The yoga classes are worth £15 per session and the body composition assessment would normally cost £49 making the study a worthwhile opportunity to exercise and experience first-hand the results of the research.

There have been a number of studies investigating the effect of yoga on cancer survivors and people suffering from a low quality of life, but no research has been conducted involving ‘ordinary’ people leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Study leader Ted Majborn said “In this day and age prolonged sitting and inactivity has become almost second nature to us, even though our bodies were built for movement. I believe this study might provide me with some evidence of how yoga can improve heath and wellbeing.  I fully appreciate that not everyone enjoys going to the gym or even have the time for it. This is why I would like to show that ‘ordinary' people can accomplish a lot through just a little effort.” The undergraduate student added, “It might not require too much of us to achieve serenity.”

If you are aged between 34-60 years old and are not regularly involved in physical activity but want to make a change, show your interest by emailing [email protected].

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