Tourism Management MA alumna Desislava Davidova has won the inaugural Tourism Management Institute (TMI) Postgraduate Prize.

Desislava Davidova won the prize for her Masters level dissertation on Chinese luxury tourist behaviour and how that affects destination marketing and visitor management.

In winning the Tourism Management Institute Postgraduate Prize, Desislava now has a year’s complimentary membership to the TMI. This will give her access to hundreds of contacts in the tourism industry. Desislava will also have access to a one-to-one session with a senior TMI member to gain insightful career advice.

TMI said in a statement: “Our congratulations to Desislava Davidova at London Westminster University who has won the first TMI Postgraduate Prize for her submission, coming top of a strong field of five submissions. The CPD Group were impressed by her clear and useful summary of research findings highlighting Chinese luxury tourist behaviour and its implications for destination marketing and visitor management.”

Speaking about her win, Desislava said: “It is a great honour for me to win this prize. This is an organisation for tourism professionals and the criteria for winning the prize were very high, which makes me very happy and proud of my achievement.”

She then went on to talk about the course, and her time at Westminster. “When I applied for the Tourism Management MA at the University of Westminster, my ambition was to build on my knowledge and skills and to get prepared for a career in the tourism industry. After finishing the course I could definitely say that it was valuable and effective for me, as it allowed me to focus on all different aspects of the industry like marketing, managing and planning. 

“The course guided and helped me to find out what my real passion is. What I consider as the most valuable was the opportunity to contact and get to know a lot of people that work in the industry. This actually gave me a better understanding and knowledge of the real industry as well as first-hand experience that I could teach from and also broaden my professional contacts and network.”

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