Pippa Catterall, Professor of History and Policy at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, wrote for Gay Star News and Times Higher Education about her experience of coming out as a transgender academic.

Professor Pippa Catterall

She explained the challenges of coming out as transgender at work, at church and to family and friends, and how she did not feel at all brave in doing so, from the moment she realised to when she publicly acknowledged this.

In her article for Gay Star News, she further talked about how courage should not be required of anyone in order to be themselves, saying: “What does it say of our society when such bravery is routinely expected of anyone coming out as trans? If I can help to reveal the absurdity of this, then maybe there will be some elements of bravery in my transition after all!”

Talking about the importance of “usualising” for the Times Higher Education, Professor Catterall said: “Only through acknowledging that every trans person is different, and “usualising” it as part of humanity’s own rich diversity, can we work towards eliminating some of that dangerous stereotyping.”

Read the full article on Gay Star News.

Read the full article on the Times Higher Education.


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