Staff at the Department of Politics and International Relations are pleased to have received nominations in the category of 'Excellence in Student Experience' as part of the university-wide Staff Achievement Awards 2016.

Three out of eight nominees at the University were from the Department of Politics and International Relations and included Dr Ricardo Blaug, Dr Farhang Morady and Dr Thomas Moore.

Dr Farhang Morady won the award for his tireless work with students as the International Relations and Development BA Honours course leader – a course that has secured 100% overall satisfaction in the National Student Survey for the past two years. He has also taken the lead in developing international links with universities in Turkey, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand and Uzbekistan to ensure that students are globally engaged. A student commented: "Farhang’s classes are super interesting and he is very engaging. Farhang goes above and beyond to make my time at the university enjoyable, and that of countless others'."

Farhang, Ricardo and Tom, along with other colleagues, have played a key role in the internationalisation of the curriculum, developing student engagement not just within the classroom but also through extra-curricular learning activities. They have been consistently identified and recognised for their contribution in mentoring and supporting students for many years.

They have been involved in developing different student-led projects including the International Community Project and, more recently, the Democratic Education Network. The Democratic Edication Network was launched this academic year and currently students are formulating and implementing different projects as part of it, by organising a Black History Month, an international conference, research projects on London-based communities, working with school teachers and students on global citizenship and creating an online journal.

Professor Dibyesh Anand, the Head of Department, commented: "that three out of eight nominees, including the overall winner, in the entire University are from our Department is a matter of pride but it does not come as a surprise. Our students have often expressed their appreciation for what we as a department do for them through their end of module evaluations, yearly Staff Appreciation Awards and in person. What makes Farhang, Ricardo and Tom special is not that they stand apart from the others but that they inspire other colleagues within the department to go the extra mile in supporting our diverse body of students. They support our department’s motto of being visibly political, international and diverse."

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Image: from left to right - Dr Ricardo Blaug, Dr Thomas Moore and Dr Farhang Morady.

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