Voices of the Holocaust are a theatre company based in Milton Keynes. They are intensely focused on communicating Holocaust history through the medium of performance and are currently touring their new production, Fragile Fire.

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The importance of preserving history and providing education regarding the Holocaust is at the core of the company's message; encouraging the development of deeper understanding and memorialising the losses experienced throughout the world. Voices will be accompanied on the Fragile Fire tour by Shonaleigh Cumbers, who will be performing The Fool of the Warsaw Ghetto. Shonaleigh is one of the last drut'syla storytellers in the world, telling stories in the Jewish tradition.

The tour will take place at various UK performance venues through to 2014. If you would like to see the production, the tour dates for Fragile Fire can be found at the following link: http://www.voicesoftheholocaust.ticketsource.co.uk/

Alternatively, the company's website discusses their work and their mission statement. Below is a short synopsis of Fragile Fire:

"My life's dream has come true; I have lived to see Jewish resistance in the ghetto in all its greatness and glory.” (Anielewicz, 1943). 70 years since 24-year-old Mordechai Anielewicz led the uprising against the Germans in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, Voices tells his story. As the Germans were sending the 400,000 inmates of the ghetto to their deaths in Treblinka, Anielewicz and his colleagues determinedly fought back, taking their fate into their own hands. This play uses a range of theatrical techniques telling a powerful story of resistance and rebellion, hope and faith against a backdrop of one of the most disturbing periods of human history. "How are the towns all silent now? Thousands gone beyond all grieving. So stand the towns all silent now. Still as the stars that burn forever."

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