The first BCS Cyber Security Women’s Day will be hosted at the University of Westminster on 9 July. 

The event, jointly organised by the ISSG Information Security Specialist Group of BCS (British Computer Society) and the University of Westminster, will introduce different aspects of information security and describe the transferable skills people can draw on to enter a career in the industry.

Information Security, also known as Cyber Security, is not just about technology, it’s about people and processes as well as technology. Over the course of the Cyber Security Women’s day talks will cover governance, polices and legislation, forensics – with a display of guidance software Encase, Privileged Access Management, auditing, password vaults and an incident response training session using SIEMS Security Incident Event Management System.

The presentations aim to deliver a range of information on the cyber security industry and will present the opportunities that coming into this fast developing field can bring. Attendees will gain an understanding of the balance between security and legislation. 

Along with the presentations there will be two panel discussions, the first hosted by a panel of women currently working in cyber security talking about how they got their start in the industry, and the second discussing security breaches and how they can effect internet restrictions. The keynote speech will be presented by Zoe Cunningham, Managing Director of software solutions company Softwire.

After the event there will be networking opportunities with security professionals including some from companies who are currently recruiting.

Speaking about the event, Gareth Niblett, chair of the BCS ISSG,said: “It’s vital that we encourage more people into the IT profession and especially the growing area of cyber security.

“Currently women represent just 16% of the profession – cyber security is an area which is ideal for women who are looking to make a career change.”

The event takes place on 9 July 2016 at 10am. Find out more information about the event.



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