Dr Felicity Hardley, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Business Strategy at Westminster Business School, was interviewed by The Times’s Raconteur’s Special Report on the Future of Franchising.

Dr Felicity Hardley explained about social responsible franchising that it is important that the right social issues are focused on and any activities are consistent with the overall brand image.

“There is often a risk that short-term performance pressures can dominate decisions when it comes to social-value creation,” she says. “As active and socially responsible community members, franchisees need to see these activities as a long-term investment and strategy, otherwise piecemeal efforts may be seen as inauthentic and just a ‘marketing ploy’ rather than something genuine.

“This is not to just improve competitiveness, but to attract talented employees and deliver more value to customers who care about society and the environment. If franchise businesses can make a lasting impact on local customers, those customers can offer long-term loyalty and this is something all businesses should aspire to.”

Read the full article on The Times’s website.

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