Simon Joss, Researcher in the Department of Politics and International Relations and Co-Director of the International Eco-Cities Initiative at the University of Westminster, has been quoted in the Times newspaper’s print version on defining ‘smart cities’.

The article, which has been republished by the online outlet Raconteur, explained that the term ‘smart cities’, created in 1992, has become a widely accepted concept including different types of meanings. “The word “smart” seemingly gets attached to almost anything nowadays, from the ubiquitous mobile phone to even condoms. Typing it into a search engine today will generate more than 15 million hits.”

To define this term, the article used a quote from Professor Simon Joss who explained that the term ‘smart cities’ does not only mean cities using technologies but also implies the outcomes of this use as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts onto our societies. “The first wave of smart cities was arguably too fixated on technological solutions. The focus was on trying to find uses for technology, rather than asking how smart technology can improve urban policy and planning.”

The final message conveyed in the article was that ‘smart cities’ could be defined as digital cities using technological intelligence to improve our lives on a social, environmental and economic levels. ‘Smart cities’ should also encourage businesses and communities to be prepared in embracing constant change and lifelong learning in order to fully benefit from digital and technological advances.

Read the full republished article on the Raconteur website.

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