Law Senior Lecturer Paresh Kathrani and Computer Sciences Senior Lecturer Markos Mentzelopoulos have been featured in The Times with their interdisciplinary games project REVRLaw which teaches Criminal Law using virtual reality.

The article explains that students wear high-tech 3D Oculus Rift glasses and use the controls of an Xbox gaming console to navigate their way through a crime scene and apply the law to determine if an offence of murder has been committed.

Dr Paresh Kathrani commented: “They [Law students] are presented with a scenario where a man’s body has been found in the car park below a building, and must gather evidence to establish if the elements of the offence have been made out.

“One of the points they have to consider is causation. A bottle of alcohol can be seen in one of the rooms — was the victim pushed or did he fall?”

Markos Mentzelopoulos is quoted as saying: “We have seen that simulations are enhancing the learning procedure for students who come from a generation that has been brought up with technology. It provides them with a different understanding of the environment.”

Senior Lecturer Dr Daphne Economou from the Department of Computer Sciences was also involved in the project.

Read the full article in The Times.

Read the article introducing the project in the University of Westminster’s News section.

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