Angela Wright, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Human Resources and Management, addressed the gender pay gap and the fundamental factors that need to be addressed in order to help close it. 

With the backdrop of women in part-time employment earning close to 20% less than men, according to the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings report from the Office for National Statistics, there is still a lot to be done to close the pay gap. 

But addressing this issue may involve more than focusing just on pay – understanding how women decide to enter certain job sectors and what stands in the way of their career progression are also key factors in the equation. 

In the article, Angela says: “Society conditions women from a very early age to enter certain occupations. This contributes to occupational segregation that employers didn’t create. 

"When people suggest women ‘choose’ to work flexibly after having children, HR has to challenge this by having better job design that asks whether they are condemning women to lower-flying careers once they return.”

The article is a Times special report produced by Raconteur.

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