Professor Michael Neuman, who will be joining the University of Westminster this year from the University of New South Wales in Sydney, is going to be the keynote speaker for the upcoming Westminster Talk, part of the series that covers a wide range of topics by diverse mix of speakers.

Deriving lessons from leading global examples, as well as elaborating principles of leadership and scientific evidence that are needed to advance the smartest and most strategic infrastructure for the built environment, Professor Neuman will address key questions that London and urban England face.

As infrastructures are key to the prosperity and sustainability of cities, Professor Neuman will discuss whether London and England’s central government's critical investments in infrastructure capacity in recent years have been sufficient.

Taking recent projects like the Crossrail, the Thames Barrier and the National Infrastructure Plan into consideration, Professor Neuman will explain what is being done to keep ahead of pace to maintain London’s leading position globally and within Europe.

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