Dr Karen Jackson, Senior Lecturer in Economics, was interviewed by the Australian radio show The Money about the economic consequences of Brexit and what this could cost the other countries of the EU.

UK and EU flag next to eachother

Speaking about the impact that Brexit could have internationally, Dr Jackson said: “Essentially what we find is that a no-deal Brexit has quite a limited effect on the other EU countries other than the UK. The biggest impact you would find would be for Ireland because of proximity and historical links, and then the second biggest impact is on Cyprus, which although distant, again has a lot of historical links to the UK.”

She also spoke about the effects that Brexit will have on trade, saying: “The big finding is really that the big four countries’ (Germany, France, Spain and Italy) drops are pretty moderate if you’re looking at a no-deal Brexit. If you don’t give in to the UK demands then you’re talking about Germany facing something around a 0.16 per cent drop and very similar across these other countries.”

Listen to the full podcast on The Money here.

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