Dr Stuart Thompson, Senior Lecturer in Plant Biochemistry, was quoted in The London Bulletin and Gardens Illustrated advising how to ensure plants survive in the hot weather.


According to Dr Stuart Thompson, plants go through their own weight in water on a sunny day. He explained that plants that are not in pots will benefit most from being watered morning or evening, when droplets have time to soak down into the soil.

He also advised to avoid watering plants in full sun because the water will evaporate before it can properly wet the soil and reach the roots. Potted plants should also be moved into the shade or be watered several times a day as they do not have a large reservoir of water and tend to use it up very quickly. 

Dr Thompson also added: “Plants have systems to reduce their water loss, which are very effective in species from arid environments where light is intense, such as succulents and yukkas, and so these will need less care. 

“Pay more attention to shade plants and those from cooler or damper areas which will be less well adapted to the weather we are currently seeing. Breeding to improve fruit quality in some horticultural crops, such as tomatoes and peppers, has made their water preserving mechanisms work less well and so these may also dry out quickly.”

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