Dr Pravin Jeyaraj, a Fellow at the University of Westminster’s Law and Theory Lab, published an article in The Independent about the best ways to dispose a Christmas tree.

The article considered whether an artificial or real Christmas tree is more environment-friendly.

Dr Pravin Jeyaraj wrote: “It is commonly thought that real Christmas trees are better for the environment than artificial trees.”

However, he added: “If you can hold on to an artificial Christmas tree for at least 10 years, it becomes the greener option.

“In other words, using one artificial tree for 10 years produces the same amount of carbon emissions as buying a new, real tree every year.”

In his article, he found that an estimated 160,000 tonnes of real Christmas trees will be fly-tipped or end up in landfills.

This costs local authorities £12.8m in landfill taxes, which, Dr Pravin Jeyaraj wrote, could be better spent on improving recycling and other council services.

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