Professor Lewis Dartnell, Professor in Science Communication, recently wrote for The Independent and was featured on BBC Radio 5 and The Naked Scientist discussing how different features of the planet have shaped human history, as he explains in his latest book Origins.

Lewis Dartnell
Professor Lewis Dartnell

In his interview for BBC Radio 5, which was transcribed and published on The Naked Scientist, Professor Dartnell outlines how humans, as a species, have been crafted by their natural world. He said: “We still bear this deep imprint of the earth and the geology underlying our feet in something as current and free-flowing as politics.”

He discusses this further in his article for The Independent, in which he analyses how Britain being an island can be reflected on it wanting to leave the European Union.

Talking about when we were physically part of the continent 450,000 years ago, he concluded: “British history would have played out very differently if this land bridge physically connecting us to the continent had remained. And this is just one example of the enduring effects features of the planet we live on have had on the human story.”

Read the interview on The Naked Scientist.

Read the full article on The Independent.


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