After working with Financial Fraud Action UK’s Take Five campaign to reveal the language patterns that fraudsters use to commit their crimes, Dr Paul Breen, Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, has written an article for the i newspaper suggesting five ways to avoid being financially scammed this Christmas. The article has been published both online and in print.

The linguist wrote: “These scammers ensnare their victims by taking advantage of trust and data readily accessible in the public domain. This is especially true in the case of ‘vishing’, which specifically refers to phishing scams enacted over the phone, usually in the context of online banking fraud.

“Such scams generated over £1bn of revenue for these fraudsters in 2016, and undoubtedly they are seeking a healthy Christmas bonus again.”

The five pieces of advice Dr Breen detailed in his piece included making sure criminals can’t find out your details; never taking strangers at face value; being aware of the power of technology; finding out how your bank deals with fraud; and accepting that it CAN happen to you.

Read the full article on the i newspaper’s website.

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