Ipsita Roy, Professor in Microbial Biotechnology, wrote a blog post for the HuffPost on the dangers of micro-plastics.

Following the news revealing that bottled drinking water contains micro-plastics, Professor Roy commented on the current issues with non-biodegradable plastics and their sources-bottled water being a major source.

She also explored the alternative options that can be used: “The main way round this extensive problem is to gradually replace all non-biodegradable petroleum based plastics with biodegradable green plastics that can degrade away in the soil and in water bodies, especially in the sea.”

Concluding, Professor Roy suggested some strategies that could be adopted by the government in order to avoid a potential environmental disaster: “Overall, in order to replace all current plastics with green biodegradable plastics, we need the government to support research and its industrial translation by investing heavily in such grants. In addition, government policies need to be implemented in favour of these plastics.

“There also needs to be an emphasis on recycling and compostability of the plastics; decrease in the use of disposable plastics; community awareness education programs including all age groups, in schools, colleges, universities and the general public.”

Read the full article on the HuffPost website.

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