In an article published by The Guardian, Dr Ruth Sacks, Director of Business Development and Principal Lecturer at the University of Westminster, talks about the importance of creativity at work and gives advice on how best to unlock it.

High employee creativity contributes to fresh business ideas and is key for organisations to flourish. However, many employers find it challenging to embrace the change that comes with creative thinking. Being open to change – to testing out ideas and then adjusting realities – can include threats as well as opportunities said Ruth Sacks in an article on the subject. With this in mind, how do you create environment that nurtures employee creativity?

For instance, Ruth said: “Many creative thoughts are triggered unconsciously, which is why being able to step away from everyday activities helps to open the mind to new ideas. A combination of reflection and deliberately assuming distinct and different perspectives, or making time to change focus and challenge thinking, can be effective for inspiring creativity.”

Read the full article on The Guardian website.

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