Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport at the University of Westminster, has been quoted in The Guardian talking about the cycling habits of disabled people.

The article explores the phenomenon that a relatively high ratio of disabled people chooses cycling as their preferred mode of transport in Cambridge, hailing bicycles as ‘rolling walking sticks’.

Dr Aldred, who has researched barriers to disabled cycling, said: “The biggest determinant of how many disabled people cycle to work is how levels of broader cycling are within that local authority.”

According to the article, in Cambridge 26 percent of disabled people cycle to work, which is 32 percent for the whole local population – the highest in the UK. In cities where the figure is as low as 0.4 or 0.5 percent across the population, only around 0.2 percent of disabled people would use cycling to commute.

Dr Aldred concluded: “I think that shows you there’s not some inherent limitation [for disabled cyclists],” she says. “It depends on how cycling-friendly the places are in general.”

Read the full article on The Guardian’s website.

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