Professor David Peters, Professor of Integrated Healthcare and Clinical Director of The Centre for Resilience in the university's Faculty of Science and Technology worked with the leadership team at Microsoft UK to assess and support resilience in the workplace. The Financial Times spoke to Microsoft UK Managing Director Michel Van der Bel and Professor Peters about the experience. 

Professor Peters worked with Mr Van der Bel and his team on a voluntary basis to reveal how much stress comes from work and how much from lifestyle. “These patterns can show you a way of working with the body to open up the best that the brain can do,” says Prof Peters. “This is not about toughness; it’s about understanding how you work and the impact you have on others.”

The article points out the possible pitfalls for business relying on resilience training in toxic environments but Professor Peters argues “It would be clumsy for any organisation not to see that this must be voluntary and that absolutely confidentiality is a serious issue. This is an educational process, not a diagnostic one and individuals should be free to engage as they choose.” 

“Some jobs are impossible,” Prof Peters acknowledges. “But you can still ask: what might a good day here look like? How can I have more of them?”

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