DEN, the Democratic Education Network, is a Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) initiative, supported by Quintin Hogg Trust which aims to develop Westminster students’ international experience.

Twenty four students from the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities visited Hanoi University in June 2017 where they interacted closely with students and academics. They also visited various public institutions to learn about the culture, society, politics and economy of Vietnam.

Talking about this experience Elerie Taylan, a third year student who went on the trip: “The people and especially the students were active, enthusiastic, smart, and the amount of knowledge and love they have of and for their country was both impressive and admirable. The hospitality and friendship they have shown during this trip is something which makes Westminster Abroad an amazing and valuable experience. From Hanoi University’s students and lecturers to the overall Vietnamese culture and experience I had, this trip is one which has been unforgettable.”

Kajsa Hallberg, a first year student who also went to Vietnam said: “This was a wonderful experience. Traveling in a group like this poses its challenges. Thanks to this, I have learnt a great deal more and gotten to know some lovely people better. It has been intense but also much fun! Thank you for supporting this network and making it possible. I very much look forward to continue working with DEN next year.”

Ivan Gubii, a third year student also commented “All students have managed to make friends with each other, creating a unique atmosphere which made our trip even better, leading to a productive cooperation during the lectures and seminars in which we participated”.

The trip was also supported by the Distant Horizon Scheme and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Team at Westminster and was led by Dr Farhang Morady from DPIR and Andrea Montalvo from CSR.

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DEN welcomes students from across the University of Westminster to join it.


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