Dr Ioannis Glinavos, Senior Lecturer in Law, wrote an article for The Conversation explaining whether or not Theresa May should take Trump’s advice to sue the EU over Brexit.

The Prime Minister, who appeared on The Andrew Marr Show last week revealing that the US President urged her to stop negotiating and charge against the EU, sparked a heated debate among legal experts and the wider political community.

In his piece, Dr Glinavos explained that for a court or tribunal to judge the behaviour of a state outside one’s own area of authority, it needs to be supported by the power of international law through a treaty structure.

He explained: “Were the UK to sue the EU, it would therefore need to pick some international forum to do so, and choosing one will depend on the fourth aspect of a legal action: what are they asking for?”

He also touched upon previous examples of legal action taken by other countries in recent years, and talked through the different claims that May could make if she were to take Trump’s advice.

Read the full article on The Conversation.


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