Franz Buscha, Professor of Economics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Westminster, wrote an article for The Conversation discussing the steps that should be taken to fight ongoing poverty and social mobility issues in the UK.

Analysing occupations across the country, he explained: “The challenges faced by young people who wish to move up the social ladder in north-east Lincolnshire would appear to be significantly worse than for those in central London.”

He added: “If future social mobility policies are to take on a more devolved nature, it’s essential to have better evidence on regional trends as a starting point. My own research has shown that national policies find it difficult to effectively promote social mobility.”

Concluding, he said: “Now is the time to make employers aware of the potentially profitable business case of recruiting from all class backgrounds in order to enact hiring and human resources policies that seek to take local social mobility into account.”

Read the full article on The Conversation here.

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