Adrian York, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Music Performance, wrote an article for The Conversation discussing posthumous releases in the music industry based on the upcoming album of unreleased Prince recordings.

The article is a collection of Adrian’s impression of the three songs that have been released so far, and a discussion on whether these albums are what artists would have wanted when they were alive.

Describing the newly released tracks as ‘home noodlings’, Adrian wrote: “The tracks do give some insight into Prince’s work process and offer fans an intimate seat next to the piano as Prince plays through his ideas. But, for an artist who was so notoriously controlling about his product, it’s unclear whether this is something he would have wished for.”

Calling on to record companies to reflect on artists’ wishes, Adrian concluded: “Too often an artist’s death gives their record companies or the artist’s estate an opportunity to cash in. Old demos, song fragments, B-sides and other sonic paraphernalia are corralled into something that is meant to resemble a coherent and worthwhile collection.”

Read the whole article on The Conversation.

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