Dr Paul Breen, Senior Lecturer in the Westminster Professional Language Centre, wrote an article for The Conversation outlining why education is a key area to consider when Brexit happens, arguing a National Education Service is the way forward.

Dr Breen explained how when Britain leaves the EU, if conditions change towards a low-skilled workforce, then education institutions will be in danger of losing their expertise and experience. He called for a leap into a more equitable society that creates environments of equal opportunity to everyone.

Referring to the ‘National Education Service’ that was mentioned on the Labour Party Conference, he said: “The goal is not to force students down a degree route at the expense of vocational courses. Instead the ambition is to radically alter the relationships that educational institutions have with one another.”

Emphasising its significance to break down class divisions and the notion of hierarchy within education and employment, he also mentioned the importance of good management to carry this out.

Read the full article on The Conversation.

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