Steven Barnett, Professor of Communications at the University of Westminster, wrote an article for The Conversation, discussing the departure of Daily Mail’s editor Paul Dacre and what the outcome of that would be.

Commenting on Dacre’s newly-appointed successor, Geordie Greig, Professor Barnett wrote: “Greig’s appointment, after six years editing the Mail on Sunday, raises two fascinating questions: what kind of statement is being made by the Mail’s owner, the fourth Viscount Rothermere? And what are the implications for a paper which for decades has not only defined “Middle England” but set both policy and news agendas?”

Professor Barnett concluded the article by noting that despite the change of editors is not expected to spark a revolution at the Mail, it stands the chance of turning the newspaper into a better version of what it used to be.

Read the whole article by Professor Steven Barnett on The Conversation.

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