Dr Monica Germana, Senior Lecturer in English Language and Creative Writing, wrote an article for The Conversation and Gay Star News magazine about sexism and queer subtext in James Bond films.

On The Conversation, Dr Germana commented on Danny Boyle’s recent statements about the need to bring Bond Girls up to speed with the rekindled feminist climate sparked by the #metoo movement.

She argues that Bond Girls display more complex patterns of female empowerment and resistance against sexism than they are given credit for. According to her, reinventing Bond characters, following #metoo, would dismiss the actual female agency already present in the James Bond films displaying a conservative approach to the representation of female sexuality and oppression in the arts industry.

She said: “A politically correct Bond movie would be detrimental to the pursuit of gender equality. […] As Sophie Hannah puts it: ‘Ignoring brutality may sound like a good idea but it won’t make it go away – we should challenge prejudice, not celebrate it.’ That’s exactly what the next Bond film should do.”

In her article for Gay Star News, she also explored the queer subtext of Bond films, such as Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Octopussy, and Die Another Day, which display a subversiveness to Bond’s gender conservativism. 

Read the full article for The Conversation.

Read the full article for Gay Star News.

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