Chantal Gautier, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Westminster, wrote an article for The Conversation discussing the ongoing problem of bullying and what makes someone a bully.

She explained that one of the main reasons that bullying is so difficult to tackle is that bullies sometimes do not even realise that they are bullies.

“For example, bullying managers may easily justify upsetting certain employees by telling themselves that they are only pushing them to be their best. Or they may be nice to the people they bully at times, and only remember those instances,” she wrote.

She also discussed the red flags to look out for that would signal if you are a bully, including repeatedly upsetting your peers, having a lack of empathy, becoming aggressive easily and misusing your power or position.

“Educating people about bullying is a positive step forward […] In the meantime, we should all make sure we are doing everything we can to treat others with respect.”

Read the full article on The Conversation here.

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