A team from ABE (comprising Tony Manzi, Karen Lucas, Tony Lloyd Jones and Judith Allen) have published an important new edited book on social sustainability (Earthscan, March 2010).

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Social Sustainability in Urban Areas: Community, Connectivity and the Urban Fabric includes contributions from a number of members of ABE (including Professor Nick Bailey, Dr Adam Eldridge, Catalina Gandelonas, Chris Marsh, Dr Suzy Nelson, Dr Andrew Smith and Professor Peter White). The collection provides chapters on a range of urban issues including social mix, community land trusts, asset management, women’s social networks, residential intensification, transport, teleworking, planning obligations, the night-time economy and major events. Drawing on case study research within the UK, Europe and Africa it provides theoretical and practical contributions to discussion of social sustainability and offers both critique and practical solutions to a range of urban policy questions.

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