Various members of the Centre on the Legal Profession have been busy throughout the spring.

John Flood co-presented (with A. Melville and M. Thornton) the Early to Midcareer Workshop on Socio-Legal Scholarship at the Australian National University College of Law on 14-15 February 2013.

Flood presented his research on the cab rank rule at Flinders Law School, Adelaide, the University of Newcastle School of Law, and the University of New South Wales School of Law during February and March 2013.

At the Law Without Walls ConPosium in April 2013, Flood was thought leader, mentor, and judge at the University of Miami School of Law.

In May Flood discussed the Irish Legal Services Reform programme (the influence of the Troika) at University College Dublin School of Law.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority published its new Risk Outlook for solicitors at its Conference on Future Risk Developments in July 2013. Flood was one of the key speakers on the Drivers of Risk Legal Regulatory Markets.

Forthcoming news

In October 2013 John Flood will be talking about Innovation in Legal Services and Globalization at the Law Society of Upper Canada, Toronto, Canada.

Also in October 2013, Flood is presenting a paper for the 50th Anniversary of the Chinese University of Hong Kong on the Global Challenges for Legal Education.

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