Westminster Business Consultants, a University of Westminster student enterprise wins at the JADE Excellence Awards

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Six members of the student enterprise Westminster Business Consultants (WBC) attended the JADE (European Confederation of Junior Enterprises) Spring Meeting: Boden Dollie, Laurène Tréhan, Vlasta Voracek, James Bennett, James Dawute and Alexandre Spoerri.

They attended a panel discussion held at the European Parliament in Brussels, on the topic of issues faced by social entrepreneurship. Evelyne Gebhardt MEP, a supporter and contributor to the Entrepreneurship Policy and Youth Entrepreneurship Education introduced the panel, which was composed of Hans Marten, CE of the European Policy Center, Christian Weinberger from the DG Enterprise, Jan Noterdaeme from CSR Europe, Pierre Jean Gire from the UN Academic Council and Brenda King from the European Economic and Social Committee.

They attended workshops before the awards ceremony, where WBC made history by being the first British junior enterprise to receive an Excellence Award when it became the Most International Junior Enterprise of 2009-2010.

JADE gathers over 280 Junior Enterprises in 15 countries, from the United Kingdom to Kosovo, through Italy and Poland. It acts as a representative to EU institutions and the private sector for all 20,000 junior entrepreneurs. JADE meetings provide the opportunity to network with junior entrepreneurs from across Europe and Brazil.

The WBC team is looking forward to the Junior Enterprise World Conference 2010, which will be held in Milan in July.

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