Five students from Westminster Business School and the Faculty of Science and Technology will be heading to the finals of the Mayor of London's Low Carbon Entrepreneur 2016 competition.

Run by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, the aim of the competition is to find innovative ideas to cut carbon emissions. This year, two out of the nine teams from the University of Westminster have made it through to the final with their emission-cutting ideas.

Team 1 consists of Dennis Georgian Lucan, Radu Alexandru Ionescu and Khaled Mansour from Westminster Business School who have teamed up with Andrei Razvan Laslo from the Faculty of Science and Technology to develop MUSH. MUSH is an innovative solution that reuses coffee waste and turns it into edible mushrooms and healthcare products. In addition to lowering carbon emissions, MUSH aims to connect people with their origins by letting them grow their own natural source of food in a reduced space.

In Team 2, Purchasing and Supply Chain Management MSc student Matthew Wise has joined forces with Bonnie Bley at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. They will be pitching their idea – CLEANCO2MMUTE, a smart transport application that reduces the impact of air pollution on citizens and the impact of citizens on air pollution. CLEANCO2MMUTE allows users to choose the cleanest route for their health and for the planet.

Both teams will be pitching their idea to reduce carbon emissions to a panel of judges on 15 March.

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