Fifty-three students from the Department of History, Sociology and Criminology at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities recently visited Paris as part of a field trip, funded by the Quintin Hogg Trust.  

The students, all in the second year of their studies, were from the degree programmes History BA Honours, History and Politics BA Honours, English Literature and History BA Honours, Criminology BA Honours, Sociology BA HonoursSociology and Criminology BA Honours. The trip was designed to be relevant to students from all courses, providing context to what they had learnt in their first year.

The field trip leaders were Dr Frances Lynch and Dr Andreas Aresti, who students described as ‘great to be with outside of the university’.

The highlight of the trip for many was a visit to the Palace at Versailles, where they could see the splendour of the Ancient Regime court and the Hall of Mirrors where the Peace Treaty with Germany was signed after the First World War.  The students also appreciated the opportunities to visit in smaller groups many of the museums and places of interest, recommended by their tutors or discovered by themselves.

One of the students pointed out the good balance of free time and arranged tours: “We enjoyed the autonomy the trip gave us - it allowed us to explore Paris at our own pace, make new friends from the other subject areas and socialise with them, but we could also interact with the whole group when we were on the organised tours.”

The students were able to observe a different city and culture while also enjoying the opportunity get to know other Westminster students from different courses.

The generosity of the Quintin Hogg Trust enabled some of the students to visit Paris for the first time and covered all travel and accommodation costs. In 2018, students from the Department of History, Sociology and Criminology will be able to participate in field trips to Berlin, Derry, Dublin and Paris, partly funded by the Quintin Hogg Trust.

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