University of Westminster student  Aida Silvestri was named as one of the British Journal of Photography’s two Best of Show winners at this year’s Free Range exhibitions.

Born in Eritrea to an Italian father and an Eritrean mother, Aida studied Photography BA (Hons) at the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design. For her Major Project, Aida decided to document the experiences and challenges of Eritrean refugees as they travelled to the UK in the form of a book in order to raise awareness of human trafficking and to draw attention to the brutality of the Eritrean regime.

This was a subject close to her heart and through her award winning work she aimed to show the dangerous and fearful experiences of these refugees through photography. She decided to blur people’s faces by defocusing the lens, as they were afraid to reveal their identities, so that they could tell their stories without fear of reprisal.

Her work titled ‘Even This Will Pass’ came directly from a message written on a wall at Mount Sinai which she came across during her research and can be viewed through her web-site.

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