Mykaell Riley, Director of the Black Music Research Unit partnered with Ticketmaster and Disrupt to deliver the pioneering ‘State of Play: Grime Report’.

The report revealed that grime music has become mainstream and an established part of British culture, with 73% of respondents being aware of grime.

The study aimed to present the need for industry recognition of grime music as a genre, position Grime within academic study and ultimately improve diversity. It was produced by surveying 2000 members of the British public, combining findings with ticket sales data.

The report was unveiled at the Ticketmaster: Summit 2017 hosted in Shoreditch, London. Presented across a panel including Mykaell Riley, Head of Music Production at The University of Westminster, and moderated by journalist Kieran Yates.

Statistics indicated that grime music had a significant impact on encouraging young people to vote in the most recent General Election, with the #Grime4Corbyn campaign influencing one in four surveyed to vote.

Mykaell said: “my involvement in the Ticketmaster ‘State of Play: Grime Report’ is the result of months of lobbying key music industry institutions to support project. This collaboration has provided additional data to support the rise of grime music, whilst refocusing the spotlight on risk assessment form 696 and its impact on this scene”. Form 696 is a risk assessment form used by the Metropolitan Police to determine the level of risk involved with specific events taking place.

The Black Music Research Unit focuses largely on undocumented music experience of black and minority ethnic communities within the UK. It is made up of researchers and practitioners who lend their academic and industry expertise to existing projects and ground breaking research.

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