Dr Patricia Hogwood, Reader in European Politics in the Department of Politics and International Relations at the University of Westminster, was interviewed by Radio Sputnik and commented on the talks starting on forming a coalition government, noting that “the system is in a state of transition.”

Dr Patricia Hogwood said: "What we see is a start of a movement towards political leaders who use a party – either a new party or a reinvented old party – as a personal vehicle. In this last election, the new FDP liberal leader, Christian Lindner, tried to use the structures of the old FDP in a similar way.

"He was in the center of the collapse of the first coalition negotiations in Germany because he was gambling that if he could engineer a fresh election, people would increasingly vote for his new style of politics and this would transform the system in a much more radical transformation process."

Read Patricia Hogwood’s points, made on Sputnik Radio, summarised on the Sputnik News website.

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