Internationally recognised YouTube channel Sofar Sounds is set to showcase University of Westminster musical talent at the Faculty of Media, Arts and Design on 19 March.

On 19 March three musical acts from the University of Westminster will be filmed by Sofar Sounds for a student project entitled SoundsLikeUni. 40 acts submitted their music for consideration, of which only seven were shortlisted by SoundsLikeUni and sent to Sofar Sounds, who subsequently picked the final three. The final talented three will remain secret until the recording is in process. 

As TimeOut London reports, "At a regular Sofar gig you can expect a hug hello and earnest chat with the young filmmakers and bloggers who post-publicise each event via Sofar's global social media network." 

On average, Sofar Sounds receives 2,000 attendance requests per gig. Rafe Offer (co-founder of Sofar Sounds) explains in The Guardian, "We only let about 50 or 60 in, so we have a questionnaire and that helps us decide. It's very exclusive – but only because the room's small." 

A Sofar gig’s unique selling point is the level of intimacy and mutual respect between the audience and the artist. The audience are not permitted to talk during a performance and the music is predominantly performed acoustically. Sofar Sounds London can boast an impressive range of alumni such Bastille, The Magic Numbers and Kate Tempest, with their YouTube videos receiving hundreds of thousands of views. Even A-list celebrities such as Robert Pattinson and Scarlett Johansson have attended Sofar Sounds recordings in the past. 

The live gig will take place in the evening of 19 March at the University of Westminster Harrow Campus. Unfortunately the event is fully subscribed but the gig will feature on

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