Professor Franz Buscha, Professor of Economics, was interviewed on Sky News about how daily weather patterns do not influence our happiness and well-being as much as it is commonly assumed.

Interviewed by Sara-Jane Mee for the Sky News Sunrise morning programme, Professor Franz Buscha discussed research published on the effect of British weather on measures of wellbeing.

Professor Buscha focussed on the current heatwave affecting the UK and how his research dispels the commonly believed notion that rain, or periods of bad weather, make people feel moodier, unhappier, in poorer health or less friendly.

Whilst extreme weather patterns and seasonal changes, such as Winter depression, have been shown to affect wellbeing, there is no causal relationship between daily weather patterns and self-reported measures of wellbeing. In other words, conditional on the time of year, it makes little difference to people’s mood whether they face a rainy or sunny day.

Professor Buscha explained: “The commonly believed notion that good weather puts people in better moods is not supported by my research. Indeed, the UK population seems relatively resilient at dealing with daily and short-run weather fluctuations.

“However, it is possible that this may change as the incidence of extreme weather events increases. This as an important avenue for future research.”

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